Printing Revolution 1

Print pattern has always been regarded as one of the benchmarks that embodies the designer’s design capability, and the pattern is so good that it will make the costumes instantly and make the clothing instantly selling.

Different printing patterns are with their own style attributes, like the summer flowers like a strong warm; and perhaps like rock and roll rebellious fearless, so that the eyes and ears to a synesthesia conversion. Weird? Funny Rebellious? Quiet or warm, Anyway, together to see a revolution on the printing.


Body line

When the body becomes a certain medium, lazy lines, sketched into a visual sexy factor. With a line to a printing revolution, simple but publicity, this is my own fashion attitude.

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This is a bold and crazy brushwork, full of tension in the creative design. Free and handicrafts are free and warm printing.

You can not understand the words can not understand, eye-catching strokes are quite novel, is to break the original boring and create new media.

Carefully arranged has always been the essence of traditional prints, but now the design concept has a 360-degree change, inadvertently random arrangement of combinations, emphasizing the negative space and the obscurity of the abstract shape has become popular, at the same time, so scattered ” Uncertainty “pattern gives people more reverie space.

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Graffiti is a rebellious slogan, but also to create unconventional printing means, relative to the spirit of the past rock punk, and now the image more dazzling.

Collage, cutting, paste and other different ways to maintain the texture of the underground music, through the retro rock elements and the background of the neon lights, so that the eyes also enjoy the rock music reverb.

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