Printing Revolution 2

From the last post, you have already seen some of the printing revolution. Let’s develop more here!


Collage art

The picture appears in the form of splicing, blurring, cutting and other modern craftsmanship, refreshing our understanding of a single structural image, stiff blocks and meticulous combinations to produce a sense of conflict, but also bring rhythm and emotion. Collage has always been the way artists find inspiration, when collage as a print, everyone has the opportunity to become an artist.

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Vapor wave

Steam wave culture is a new generation of pattern style, born in early 2010 and popular, it includes music and art style, is a modern modern sense with a retro style, it is this sense of conflict created its strange taste Character, which greatly loved by young people.

Vapor waves Keywords – anti-utopian, numbers, low fidelity, fault art, futurism, retro science and technology.

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In addition to the political attitude of the T-shirt printing, Grunge spirit of the T-shirt will be this summer’s eye-catching single product, a strong 90’s retro style with you hum a song.

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Flower world

There are like the collage of art flowers, there is love of real flowers, after all, this is a permanent and classic prints. The use of multi-layer dense flowers and leaves to show the nature, people and nature is one, but we consciously separated from their own, but in the end we still can not help the pursuit of natural beauty.

Floral plants are undoubtedly the most beautiful summer, classic and style forever, and thus have such a print pattern is considered summer standard, you can also combine their own temperament with the category of flowers.

Print pattern is the designer’s opportunity to cast the brain hole, but also the wearer to express the media, we are in which to enjoy the taste brought about by the printing. Of course, if you are willing to try it to try to do a “soul painting” for their own design an exclusive printing. See more in previous post about Balenciaga.

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