When food with Pantone colors


The color must be more than to meet your desire to exist, but the color will be because of the human heart to bring satisfaction and pleasure and have value. Color is full of our lives, and for artists, the color is full of many possibilities. Born in Sweden, the artist Hedvig Astrom Kushner gave summer special drink on a color, Pantone color card and smoothie combination, no doubt people in the summer full of coolness and pleasure.

Human exploration of food is endless, we are for the tongue again and again to meet and feel very happy, and the color and food collision, seems to be our once again “feat” , But also Pantone color card and a contest between the food.

Artist Lucy Litman has done a lot of matching experiments with the Pan Dongka card to find the beauty we had never found before, and after that, people began to think about food not only delicious but also beautiful, they were nature Giving a beautiful and valuable color.

Lucy Litman said the same food may reach dozens of different colors, and during the period from germination to withering or cooking, the color can be as many as dozens to match the Pantone colors.

We should be taking advantage of fruit and plenty of summer vegetables, really put aside the food to enjoy some of its color. It will be a fun and unique perspective, do not explore food or salty or light, just simply appreciate its color.

Yellow is the sun shower of all things in the world, it is always bright enough to bring the spirit of the people, it is said that yellow is the most able to increase the color of appetite.

Pink is so romantic, the strawberries into the juicer, juice it splash, raspberry added to the deeper red, pink lost cute, then you use roses as a dotted to love, the song has not stopped, romantic just right.

With pure natural food with blue pigment, and it can be made into a fascinating food is even more difficult. But blue naturally has a sedative effect, so that our hearts feel calm. Imagine the occasional afternoon, you sit at the white table to taste a blue food, the wind blowing curtains, the sky is blue, and you are very calm and comfortable.

In the past of Europe, the purple status as China’s yellow, is only the royal family can enjoy the color. Therefore, the purple seems to always bring a noble, even the purple food is the case, it is so narcissistic achievements of the purple food, you can not despise it.

Green is the plant on your drawing board inadvertently left traces, as food, it can reach thousands of green. Green has always been considered to be full of vitality, but now it is able to conduct health and was sought after.


Each kind of food has its own color, and each color belongs to its spirituality. When the color collides with the food, lucky is us, tasting at the same time appreciate, taste and vision at the same time meet.


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