Fishnet is back!

Fishnet tights are all the rage right now. Traditionally stated as sexy hoisery, fishnet tights have made a major comeback. It has been seen under a dress but, especially, popping from under ripped jeans. Besides stockings, fishnets can be now found also as oversize fishnet ankle socks, maybe the easiest way to wear them if you dare sporting them with sneakers or even with pumps. What do you think about this fishnets trend? Do you think it’s tacky or do you think it’s fun?

Boudoir, punk, or however you choose to categorise them, fishnet tights and socks have been popping up on the legs of many a street style star in the past months.

They won’t exactly keep you warm in the same way wool tights might, which means they’re perfect for spring time. Pair with a bohemian dress and they’re a little romantic, style under jeans and it adds just the right amount of edge. They’re the accessory that can seamlessly add a little something extra to your outfit. And since they come in an array of styles—from high to low, and micro- to wide-weave, there are plenty of exciting ways to try fishnet tights out for yourself, no matter how you describe your own style.

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