Chic Mood – Your accessories can talk

Recently, a magic and wonderful single product began to appear frequently in the field of vision – fashionable people love the face shape of the accessories. Both the lines of art and exaggerated contours, both simple and yet a sense of shape, no doubt become a hedge shape of the weapon.

Exaggerated contours give this single product a high degree of recognition, while the cold “fashion face” metallic luster also reveals a high quality texture.

Whether it is at first glance or details, this earrings will make people put it down. Face shape contours of the earrings to the overall dress of the fashionable and advanced level instantaneous UP.

In fact, in the fashion field talking about using lines to outline the outline of the concept is no stranger. From the early Jacquemus to the nearest Maison Margiela, the two elements of the face and the lines are often put together, abstract and artistic sense of the ups and downs after people think of advanced, think of Picasso’s paintings.

Like a drawing of a pattern, are made by a complete metal wire made of each arc seems simple, but after careful arrangements, just right. This seemingly casual but carefully crafted after the single product began to show a high texture of the fashion style. Put on the shape to effortlessly, but can easily pocketed the rate, especially eye.

The mystery of face modeling accessories is that you can use emotions to embellish style. Different expressions and minimalist lines mixed together will show a high fashionable texture. At the same time, easy to match the color of metal materials, even the huge shape of the earrings with the daily match also did not seem exaggerated.

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